Selling Procedures

Purchasing procedure

Buying a property / sellling a property procedure is not very complicated in Turkey as it compared with many other countries in Europe. Tapu transfers are only made by the land registry office. Both sides or their outhorised represattatives who has the power of attorney from notary public should be there in Person and sign at Land Registry Office. Our customers can give power of attorney to Alanya Maegler represantatives to make the procedure easy for them. so Alanya Maegler can take care of all necessary legal procedures.The buyers also can join the procedure and do it by themselves If they want to do it so. Alanya Maegler still will be assisting them to deal with all. ( in this situation The power of attorney won't be necessary )

Power of attorney includes:

* Purchasing and registiring the property in the name of buyer,
* Electiricity and water registirations,
* Tax payments
* Getting the housing permission.
* We as Alanya Maegler will assist you to open a bank account to make the transactions easier.
* Alanya Maegler will make an application for permission to register the title deed on buyer's name and secures the property until title deed is received.
* After the property registered on buyer's name then we will be assisting you to get insurance, water & electiricity registirations.
* Alanya Maegler is also providing additional services for the buyer's such as transfers from/to airport, car reantals, cleaning, security checks and etc.. You can see the details on "our services" section.

Extra costs :

Power of attorney :100 €
Translator : 50 €
Conveyance tax : 3 % of the property value.
Sales commission : 3%
Application for permission : 150 €

Yearly payments:
Property tax : 0,1 % of the property value.

Electiricity :

* Electiricity meter connection to a new property is 100
* Transfering the existing electiricity meter is 30 €
* Cost per KW/H is 0.10

Water :

*Water-meter connection to a new propety is 60 €
*Transferring the existing water meter is 30 €
*Price per m3 is approx. 75 cent

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